Jamie Rumball

Senior Client Marketer, Bloomberg

As Senior Client Marketer for Bloomberg Media Europe, Jamie Rumball is responsible for overseeing commercial briefs, creative ideation, and collaboration to fulfil client partnership objectives. Leveraging Bloomberg's wide-ranging capabilities, Jamie is an industry Rising Star who develops unique and insight-rich commercial solutions elevating clients' brand message, informed by his unmatched capacity to utilise analytics tools to craft bespoke strategy. Under his ever-increasing leadership the team is excelling and rapidly growing, thanks to intelligent thinking, bold actions and tangible results.

Bloomberg's European success is in large part attributed to his creativity, resulting in significant personally attributed revenue growth of 200% YoY (2020-2021). He’s on pace to surpass in 2022. What's more is he has averaged individual revenue growth of 100%+ every year since joining the London team. Aside from his revenue successes, Jamie is also an active participant and leader throughout our organisation and culture as a stakeholder who is introducing meaningful and productive change for good: Marketing lead for Bloomberg Quicktake (now a multi-million dollar component of our European advertising business) and our editorial franchise Bloomberg Wealth Regional lead on implementation of new organisational technologies and systems architected to introduce workflow efficiencies Key stakeholder for regional Easy to Do Business With taskforce convened to create ease of doing business for our clients (systems, processes, products, communications) 4x nominee (1x winner) of Bloomberg EMEA Culture Hero Launched multiple resources and trainings for remote efficiencies during lockdown to upskill team members in a digital, flexible environment