Keep connected

Client: Vodafone

Agency: The Guardian Labs and The Story Lab and Carat

"Vodafone needed to be known as much for their home tech as being a mobile provider and be part of the family living room as much as BT or Sky?

Our insight was that families are separated by their phones in living rooms - “together alone” - so we wanted to show how Vodafone technology can bring the family together.

And then - Britain went into lockdown.

And instead of dropping the partnership before it had even begun, we seized the opportunity to create one of the most “in the moment” campaigns that Guardian Labs has ever delivered.

We realised that Vodafone’s vision of helping modern families stay connected was going to be more important than ever under lockdown. We also knew that the uncertainty and confusion around the coronavirus crisis meant that everything we produced had to be warm, genuine and above all useful for it to have a real impact."