KIA power to surprise

Client: Kia, Havas and Innocean

Agency: News UK

"Kia makes cars that punch well above their weight, but there is a disconnect between the quality of Kia’s product and its brand.

We found that while Kia owners loved their cars, non-owners merely ‘respected’ or ‘liked’ them.

We knew, then, that our job was to help more people fall in love with Kia.

Our campaign showed this family audience that their Kia is an important part of life’s journeys. A partner on the journeys we have taken when we have lost, and loved, and been loved in return.

So how did we take people on a journey that ended up with them falling in love with Kia? We created the widest and most innovative campaign we have ever worked on with a car brand.

We commissioned three artists to create extraordinary installations that inspire exploration.

We showed that newsbrands can make great video by creating two ten-minute fictional short films that focused on key journeys that can have a dramatic effect on our lives – from coping with grief to managing children that are obsessed with their screen time.

We took a ‘Windrush Generation’ mother and her daughter to the place she first landed in Britain over 50 years ago.

An astonishing 94% took action after seeing the campaign…

…including 15 people who bought a Kia after seeing the campaign.

“Kia is wonderful for all the family, no matter where they are” – Times reader

“The future for our kids is in Kia cars” – Times reader"