Let’s Not Taco ‘Bout Christmas

Spark Foundry

Client: Taco Bell

Taco Bell had a mammoth challenge: increase brand awareness by 5% with a share of voice of 0.2%. At one of the most cluttered times of the year, how could we get people talking about tacos when everyone was obsessing about turkeys? Whilst any research will tell you Christmas is the ultimate ‘cultural moment’, we weren’t convinced - surely there were people out there who’d had enough of Christmas? And there were: ‘December Babies’, upstaged and forgotten every year as their ‘friends’ celebrate Christmas and forget their birthdays. These people became our allies in our campaign, Let’s Not Taco ‘Bout Christmas.

Spark Foundry partnered with Jungle Creations to make known the plight of December Babies. We created a social mini-series, masquerading as a public service announcement. The campaign encouraged other December babies to join our cause and appealed to their friends and family to make up for the years of birthday neglect. With social sentiment hitting 99% positive and 17x more buzz than usual, it’s clear we struck a chord. Our humble campaign went stratospheric, with ‘December Babies’ even becoming a One Show feature. Needless to say, awareness rocketed by 6.1% - 20% above target.