Magic Eurosong - Eurovision Song Contest: Tje Story of Fire Saga

Bauer Media

Client: Netflix

Events were cancelled left, right and centre during 2020. One of the world’s most popular was the one of the first to go. On March 18th Eurovision 2020 was officially cancelled. A devastating loss of positivity so needed at this time. For Netflix and Wavemaker UK, an existing, approved media plan for Eurovision themed film release was being ripped up. A new idea was required. The answer was found in an unusual place (for Netflix). They took the bold decision to go ‘non-visual’ and capitalise on the boom in radio listenership to our advantage.

Using the power of Bauer Media audio, we brought a smile back to 4.3M Eurovision fanatics. Launching a brand-new radio station to the airwaves and propelling Eurovision Song Contest: The Fire Saga to #1 on the Netflix platform.