Mental health linguistic targeting

OmniGOV at MG OMD, Wavemaker UK and M&C Saatchi

Client: Office of Health Improvement and Disparities

In any given week, one in six people in England struggle with a mental health problem. Our campaign aimed to empower people to take action to address their mental health difficulties by directing them to Better Health-Every Mind Matters NHS-approved self-help resources. But with budget pressures, we needed a smart way of pinpointing people struggling with sub-clinical mental health problems. There is robust academic literature categorising the type of language used by individuals experiencing poor mental health. So, we partnered with Texture AI to deliver a media first across Government: the use of linguistic targeting across social channels to identify and then connect with people showing implicit signs of mental distress. The activity drove cost efficiencies (25% uplift in CTR versus standard targeting techniques). Critically, the campaign generated 3.2m mental health self-care actions, exceeding our target by 59% and it also drove sustained behaviour change, with 78% of those who’d reported taking action continuing to do so at least 2 months post campaign, 56% above our target.