Meredith Nissen, Account Director, UK

Spotify Advertising

Meredith began her career in media at Digitas NY, gaining invaluable cross-channel planning experience servicing the largest account at the agency, American Express. With a reputation for success and high-level customer service, Meredith was approached by Spotify and pursued a role on the senior planning team. This culminated in Meredith’s team winning the Spotify US Internal Sales Team of the Year in 2017, beating fifty other internal teams, and Meredith being promoted to Client Services Manager.

Within six months, Meredith was promoted again and became the youngest Account Director, of over fifty, on the US Sales team. After only a year, Meredith had grown her business by +413%, converting her accounts into one of the largest revenue-driving patches in the US and transforming the structure of the agency-focused US sales team. In January 2021, Meredith was asked to take on a similar role in the UK, applying her customer-first strategy across the London Independent agencies. In her first four months, she has transformed her business into the second-highest revenue-driving patch in the UK, with +100% growth from Q1 to Q2. Focused on empowering the wider sales team, Meredith leans into collaboration, sharing with her AD counterparts, developing new resources and processes to support a client-first strategy that includes impactful QBR templates, client-mapping programmes, and the rollout of a bespoke automation session, now adopted as Spotify UK’s strategy.