This is the story of OMD UK, our unparalleled achievements over the past 12 months, and the outstanding partnerships that have been at the heart of that success.

By the summer of 2019 we had successfully on-boarded 7 new clients and £211m of incremental billings won over a period of 18 months, with high levels of client and agency satisfaction and our best ever commercial performance as an agency under our belts. But we looked forward to a year full of major contract renewals, including our two biggest clients, McDonald’s and Barclays.

We knew that the secret to our continued high performance lay in the power of outstanding partnerships. Deepening and extending existing client partnerships; continuing to step up the partnership with our brilliant OMD’ers; and taking our seamlessly collaborative partnerships with media owners to new heights.

Little did we know that our forward strategy would be put to the test by the worst public health emergency in a century.

But by staying true to the partner plan we have emerged a stronger, happier, more creative OMD UK in rude commercial health.