Ozone – Powering the Premium Web


Ozone powers the premium web, a safe haven for brands across the open internet. Built by four of the UK’s leading publishers, Ozone was designed to address the persistent problems that have plagued digital advertising over the past few years by offering premium solutions to each of its primary stakeholders.

For advertisers and their agencies, this means scaled data and results-driven solutions, packaged in a way that is incredibly easy to activate – while for publishers it means an incremental audience-sell to complement their own direct sales efforts. This also creates a huge amount of upside for society at large, both in fuelling the free information economy, as well as creating a more controlled and compliant programmatic ecosystem that is more sustainable through lower energy use. Be it in terms of growth, product development or performance, Ozone has had an exceptional twelve months, with highlights including: - Total revenue growth of +78% with advertiser count up 87%. - 2x increase in premium publisher revenue via Managed Demand products. - New products launched for both advertisers and publishers including, - Ozone Ad Manager Insights, the Ozone Attention Index, Ozone Outcomes, Ozone Stories, and Ozone Biddable Management. - Average NPS score of 60 across our client and publisher services teams. - 60% growth in Team Ozone, with the launch of our new Early Careers programme and opening of our first hub office in Manchester.