Primark: The Great Advertising Experiment


Client: Primark

High st giant Primark had never advertised before. They also didn’t have ecommerce capabilities. Unsurprisingly, pandemic lockdowns hit the business hard.

For the first time in its 50-year history. Primark turned to media to help them kick start growth, with a few stipulations and to prove that media could drive incremental growth for them.

Starcom built a brave, bold and intelligent year-long test-and-learn program with a robust measurement framework. With this framework and the use of multiple modelling techniques this new type of Econometric modelling could deliver faster reads on performance. Starcom were able to make Smarter choices and work Faster with optimised learnings.

The great advertising experiment was a huge success, achieving its revenue targets and overachieving on efficiency (ROI) which unlocked further investment and a global expansion plan.