Quartz accurate to within every postcode

Client: Pure Planet

Agency: Goodstuff and 59A

"Pure Planet, a new 100% green energy supplier, needed to make headroom in an overly saturated marketplace by acquiring customers at scale. To do this, we had to come up with a unique method of capturing our audience.

Goodstuff collaborated with 59a to create an AI powered programmatic display campaign primarily utilising cookie-less data sources to build the campaign of the future. This was the birth of QUARTZ.

QUARTZ constructed the most incredibly detailed targeting strategy with over 100,000 unique datapoints informing a unique targeting plan with over 43,000+ lines for display activation. Each of these targeting lines were independently optimised by QUARTZ to achieve our goals. What’s even more striking about this approach is that we conceived it without the need for cookie-based data.

With our AI powered, cookie-less solution in QUARTZ we were able to deliver huge incremental growth to Pure Planet’s customer base whilst achieving our lowest CPA yet."