Reach Solutions

Through July 2019 - Feb 2020, Reach Solutions were celebrating! We had rebranded to Reach, with a newly-formed sales team in place, new editors across our newsbrands and a brand new CEO with a vision to take the business forward on an exciting, strategic journey, focused on understanding more about our vast audience. Over this period the advertising team delivered overall commercial growth with significant growth in digital revenues as well as positive staff feedback, engagement and retention. No one could have been prepared for what hit us in March this year and despite the instant negative impact to the advertising market, we rose to the challenge. Since we went into lockdown we’ve focused on creating content to be useful to our audience and advertisers and through this strategy we’ve proactively won new business, we’re once again recording digital growth, we’ve reformed relationships with lapsed clients and increased our creative solutions revenue and campaigns YoY. We’ve also created crucial workstreams to ensure the business is committed to Inclusion, Diversity and Belonging as well as staff mental health and wellbeing, putting measurable goals in place. Despite this being a difficult and challenged time for many, we have continued to receive positive employee feedback and engagement.