Real-time econometric creative decisioning


Client: Johnson & Johnson

For anyone who suffers from the (often chronic) causes of diarrhoea, the idea of travelling or being out and about to enjoy a meal with friends and family can be fraught with anxiety.

2020 represented a very difficult challenge for all of us and the Imodium brand was no exception, but for different reasons - the ‘stay at home’ messaging actually presented a silver lining for some diarrhoea sufferers. In a year without precedent or datasets, we built Compass Connect. A new piece of technology, created to predict sales ahead of time and determine which creative message to push at the right moment. Ensuring that, as our audiences were going in and out of lockdown with the stresses that brings for their condition, we could continue to be there as a brand when they really needed us. We activated against the right triggers, at the right time, with the right message, in the right channels at speed and scale, delivering impressive results.