Rob Pierre, CEO


Rob Pierre, co-founder and CEO of Jellyfish, doesn’t believe in standing still. His vision of delivering unsurpassed expertise as a digital marketing partner to growth-focused companies has led to Jellyfish becoming a business of more than 2250 employees across 40 global offices. Jellyfish counts the likes of Google, Netflix and Nike as clients.

Against the backdrop of a pandemic, with global trauma heightened by racial tensions and the exposition of societal inequalities at every level, the importance of strong leadership has never been so crucial. Rob has worked tirelessly throughout this period to lead the team at Jellyfish with his trademark passion, unfaltering commitment and continued empathy. During this volatile period, Rob led Jellyfish in supporting clients with their digital transformation strategies at a time when their survival was being threatened. He launched an initiative to upskill and support the community through free virtual digital marketing training during lockdown. All this, while developing and implementing a new organisational business infrastructure at Jellyfish that has garnered attention from the likes of The Times and Campaign. With every obstacle, Rob finds opportunity. From a retail store manager in London Gatwick airport to his role as CEO, Rob leads a thriving, unified, global company that‘s grown an average of 45% annually over the last eight years. Rob's story is one of strong leadership, resilience, grit and bold ambitions realised. Rob continues to fuel Jellyfish to drive change on a global scale from business to social impact.