Seller Scouter' - how Purplebricks used data-led planning and buying to achieve local trust, one postcode at a time

UM London

Client: Purplebricks

Purplebricks is the UK’s biggest estate agent. Mass TV has delivered awareness of the no-commission proposition, but not local relevance or trust. We needed to make the largest estate agent in the UK win people’s trust locally: town by town, street by street. To make Purplebricks as locally relevant as it was nationally we had to identify the property hot spots, or ‘purple patches’ where advertising would make the most difference to local trust. To do this we built 'Seller Scouter', a first-of-its-kind predictive analytics tool mapping the entire UK to show us exactly which postcodes were ripe for marketing. Through Seller Scouter we used multiple data signals and triggers to plan reactively and deploy tailored messages that validated Purplebricks as the obvious choice for each postcode. The Seller Scouter innovation made our media planning and buying approach as agile as the property market, flexing and pivoting our budget according to the selling patterns we were seeing in the tool. Using addressable digital channels like digital OOH, digital audio and Connected TV we served tailored creative bespoke to each are, with impactful results. Spontaneous Awareness in local areas increased by 7% while there was an impressive 14% increase in those who would definitely use Purplebricks. Most importantly, areas exposed to tailored local ads saw double the amount of mobile traffic to site with share of sales increasing exponentially across the local areas we targeted, far outstripping the national growth rate. The Seller Scouter innovation delivered.