Client: World Out of Home Organization

Agency: Talon Outdoor, Plexus, Grand Visual + over 70 Media Owners and Partners around the world

"On March 11th, 2020 the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a Pandemic. This led the World Out of Home Organization to ask the question, what can OOH do when everyone is being told to stay at home?

We wanted to rally the OOH industry for a uniting cause, sharing positive messages to counter all the negative headlines. By opening billboard space up to the general public, we could give people the opportunity to share personalised messages, and see themselves on iconic screens around the world. Hopefully adding a few more smiles onto people's faces, and sharing a little love.

So we created an OOH powered, socially shareable campaign that sent love around the world. Encouraging people to get creative and send their ‘Heart Hands’ photos and messages to the friends, family and places that they were missing. We broadcast these messages on billboard screens all around the globe, sharing ‘in-situ’ photos to encourage further amplification on social media.

The World out of Home Organization rallied members, with 68 Media Owners generously donating $15 million USD worth of billboard space, and some of the most iconic billboards and locations around the world, including Piccadilly Lights in London and Nasdaq Times Square.

The campaign went live in 178 cities, covering 38 countries and displaying thousands of pieces of user generated content. Social and PR amplification meant that despite everyone staying in, the OOH campaign still reached an audience of over 138 million worldwide. A testament to the power of OOH."