Stairway to the past

Havas London

Client: The Wayback

For people living with Alzheimer’s, reminiscence therapy can be a powerful tool. Enjoying nostalgic photos, videos and music from the past with a carer, can elicit positive responses, create conversations and improve both the wellbeing of the patient and the carer.

The Wayback VR takes this reminiscence therapy to all new levels.

Proven to evoke stronger emotional reactions than 2D, The Wayback app is series of bespoke 360 degree films that immerse the viewer in the faithfully recreated sights and sounds of the past, using a simple Cardboard headset and a mobile phone.

And it’s working.

During its development it has been recognised widely in the care industry as a breakthrough piece of technology and was awarded the Government’s ‘Challenge Dementia’ prize, supported by the Alzheimer’s Society.