Starling Bank gives you a Seat at the Table


Client: Starling Bank

Starling Bank is on a mission to change banking for good and are proud to work with people and businesses that share their values. Both YouTube, and YouTube creator Jack Harries are partners that do this. Together, we collaborated on a content series to elevate the voices of the victims of climate change

For the 12-part documentary series, Jack made a carbon neutral journey across the UK. Traveling from the Isles of Scilly to COP26 in Glasgow, he collected stories from underrepresented young people on how the climate crisis is affecting their lives. All of these stories were broadcast at COP26, including interviews with Barack Obama, Jane Goodall and Starling CEO Anne Boden and the heroes behind them were projected onto the Glasgow Armadillo. Sir David Attenborough was on hand to present this content to the delegates at the summit itself, finally giving the overlooked victims of climate change a seat at the biggest table of all. The series was broadcast on YouTube with full Starling branding. Consumers expect brands to help them make more ethical choices and this was reflected in results. 12 million unique users in the UK saw the series and Starling’s brand awareness reached a new high, we also saw a 300% increase in traffic to the sustainable banking pages of Starling’s website and the highest number of personal current account applications in the month the series launched