Client: Samsung

When Samsung wanted to increase brand appeal among the tech-savvy, music-loving Gen Zers in the fiercely competitive mobile market, it naturally turned to TikTok to launch StemDrop, a brand new way for young artists to collaborate with some of the world’s biggest songwriters and showcase their talent to the world. The ground-breaking music discovery programme also involving pop guru Simon Cowell and Universal Music Group, enables TikTok users to mix their version of an exclusive song created by super-producer Max Martinand then upload it on the platform, giving them the chance to become global stars. Within 24 hours of the release of Red Lights on October 26, #StemDrop001 attracted over one billion views - now at 23.6bn. The campaign led to a 580% brand search increase for Samsung on TikTok as well as a 10% increase in brand consideration and a 6% increase in brand love.