Sunday night sleep

Client: eve sleep

Agency: Goodstuff with Channel 4, The Romans, Calpol, Casoo, Listerine, The AA, Velux, UM London, Republic of Media

"Sunday is statistically our worst day of the week for getting a good night’s sleep, unfortunately, media is part of the problem; blue light from screens interrupts the body’s release of the sleep hormone melatonin, so watching TV at night can trick the brain into staying awake.

To position eve as champions of sleep wellness, our idea was Sunday Night Sleep - a series of slumber-inducing ad breaks to nudge the nation into healthier habits, originated by Goodstuff and developed by C4 and eve. This included a world-first ‘night mode’ ad break, which put the entire break in the same amber filter as your computer or mobile device does when in night mode, made possible thanks to partnering with 5 other brands.

Our idea alongside eve’s World Sleep Day activation, positioning them as a leading sleep wellness brand and delivered higher spending, sleep conscious, new customers."