Tesco Supermarket sweep AFP

Client: Tesco and Thames TV

Agency: Tesco with BBH and MediaCom

"2019 marked Tesco’s 100th birthday and an opportunity to reassert our value perception among customers. The creative platform for the campaign was ‘Prices that take you back’ – prices so low that customers would feel transported back in time, but we needed a way to amplify this message and cut through the value message clutter.

Tesco partnered with ITV and Thames TV to bring back the much-loved game show, Supermarket Sweep. ITV2 agreed to air the show at 8pm on weekdays, and Tesco helped build the set in Maidstone Studios with Tesco shelving, checkouts, fonts and colours. Tesco created 80” of idents that tied the core campaign and Supermarket Sweep together seamlessly. Other activations included social content helping to prepare Rylan for his new role as store manager, a Snapchat game getting customers to save as much money in the allocated time and also re-creating the game with Rylan at Tesco’s head office.

The show itself was ITV2’s most successful launch in four years, drove a long term ROI for Tesco higher than all other value campaigns and most importantly, was able to drive value perception for Tesco, propelling Tesco’s value perception away from the Big 4 for the first time in years. The show has been so successful that it has been commissioned for a second series and has been moved from ITV2 to main channel – a trolley good success."