The long journey from the Christmas cheeseboard to the summer picnic blanket

Spark Foundry UK

Client: Boursin

With a disproportionate volume of Boursin’s sales coming in December, the brand tasked us with increasing summer penetration. We needed to move from fighting for a space on the cheeseboard to winning a place on the picnic blanket.

Across 3 years we established a strategy to expand Boursin's positioning, allowing it to credibly straddle its old heartland of Christmas cheeseboards, while capturing a lucrative slice of the summer picnic blanket. Leveraging multiple media channels, including bespoke partnerships, we carefully reframed the brand, while making sure we were proving business results every step of the way. The results were scorching, topping the category and smashing our penetration increase target three times over, taking penetration for Boursin to an ALL TIME HIGH.