The proper road to no 1

Client: Yorkshire Tea

Agency: Goodstuff with Lucky Generals, Ebiquity, The Nursery

Seven years in the making, this paper outlines how a strategy built around ‘Targeted TV and Topicality’ helped Yorkshire Tea become the nation’s favourite brew. The black tea market was in decline, with market leaders’ PG Tips, Tetley and Typhoo failing to innovate in product or marketing, resulting in losing relevance with modern consumers. We worked with fourth-placed outlier, Yorkshire Tea, to identify the perfect prospecting pool to target on TV and created a series of brand activations to bring Yorkshire Tea’s authenticity, personality and ‘properness’ to life. Whilst TV provided the foundations for success, it was the potent combination, which delivered business and brand growth each year, until Monkey was knocked from the top of the tree. Yorkshire Tea is now the nation’s favourite black tea brand with an extra 1.1 million drinkers and £22m a year of additional value sales. Proper good stuff.