‘The Spillway’: an incredible debut for an equally incredible car

Sky Media in partnership with Accenture Song, Dentsu X and The Story Lab (Dentsu Creative)

Client: Range Rover

Launching a Premium SUV in a cluttered category is no easy feat. So, to assert its authority over the competition, the new Range Rover Sport needed to make a splash.

Challenge 1 was to ascend Europe’s biggest dam, The Kárahnjúkar Spillway, in the new Range Rover Sport, with W-Series driver Jess Hawkins behind the wheel up against a huge force of nature.

Challenge 2 was to launch ‘The Spillway’ with a bang, showcasing the Hollywood production values of Jess’s death-defying stunt.

This wasn’t just branded content – it was event TV. We turned Ofcom convention on its head, giving ‘The Spillway’ a cinematic “Super Sunday” debut as Sky Sports editorial content alongside 2022’s “battle for 4th” North London derby.

With an unparalleled multi-media plan, voice-activated trailers and a dedicated On Demand tile, Jess not only survived the stunt, but drove incredible fame and sales for the new Range Rover Sport!