Trust, more than a feeling

Newsworks, Tapestry Research & Map the Territory

Client: n/a

This research incorporates the findings from two studies, both of which evaluate the growing importance and strength of brand trust. Through analysis of the IPA Databank award submissions, effectiveness expert Peter Field has established that trust and quality are now the two most important brand metrics for profit growth, and that advertisers using news brands benefit from their ability to build trust.

The second part of this research highlights in-depth findings from Map the Territory and Tapestry Research about what trust is and why it’s critical. Importantly, it challenges the simplicity of how trust is often evaluated and offers a more accurate way of measuring what is a complex metric. Furthermore, we see complementary findings about the ability of news brands to pass on the trust that readers have in their titles to the brands that advertise in them.

To help agencies and advertisers we have developed a more accurate way of measuring overall consumer trust in brands. Our new trust model takes into consideration the multifaceted nature of trust and provides a composite score out of 10 that any brand can use. Importantly it also acts as a diagnostic tool that can help brands identify areas that need dialling up to increase levels of overall trust.