Turning the tide how young s used data led buying to deliver incremental sales

Client: Young's Seafood

Agency: Total Media

Young’s Seafood has a rich heritage dating back to 1805, but constantly found themselves outshouted and outspent in media. To tackle the challenge, Young’s tasked us with helping them make their budget go further, which we did by applying a data-led approach media buying, to reach new audiences and add longevity to the campaign. Working with Sky, we utilised Dunnhumby data, set top box data, and AdSmart data to create a data-led TV strategy to behaviourally target households. Following this shift to put data and insight at the forefront of the campaign, we were able to run activity for 4 months rather than 4 weeks with no increase in budget, delivering an increase of 20% in sales with Young's enjoying a 6 year sales high, which has subsequently enabled them to double their media spend in 2020.