Using tiktok during covid 19

Agency: British Red Cross

"The British Red Cross has been on the frontline in the Covid-19 response in the UK. During lockdown we have had to think of new and innovative ways to reach key audiences.

When we received comments from younger TikTok users saying they didn’t realise what we did, we knew it was an opportunity to expand, educate and engage with this audience.

We started off with fun, but important educational videos around being ‘virus-safe,’ and busting common myths which proved very popular with 146million views for the first five videos. Before long, we were leaders in the charity sector on the platform. We were only one of two charities in the UK to collaborate with TikTok using their Donate sticker feature. This resulted in us engaging with high profile celebrities such as Lewis Capaldi and Rita Ora and raising £90,000 from the feature alone – a new and innovative way of raising vital funds. By using the new platform, we have shown we are committed to developing our digital presence and to reaching everyone who may need us in a time of crisis."