Lisa Goodchild

Chief Troublemaker , Digilearning

I'm the Founder at Digilearning, a UK Charity on a mission to ignite young talents' minds and unleash their superpowers, regardless of their starting point. Tech must become the fourth education pillar, and we need more industry pathways - it's the ultimate society equaliser! Ready for a fun fact? My tech love affair began in the library, glued to a prehistoric computer, hungry for knowledge. Bam! The magic sparked! Growing up poor was just a disguise for another superpower. I've collaborated with top-notch brands and icons with my digital consultancy - Hewlett Packard, British Airways & Goldman Sachs. Oh, and let's not forget the impressive humans like June Sarpong CBE, Shaa Wasmund MBE, and the MOBO Awards founder, Kanya King CBE. Inclusivity rocks, especially for kickass females! Proudly founded Digital Leading Ladies - a fierce posse of tech-savvy ladies. Life's a hoot! 

Ready to change the world? I am. Hit me up, and let's conjure up some magic!