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The largest national and regional news publisher in the UK, creating trusted connections with communities across mainstream Britain.

Every day, millions of people visit our news sites, whether at home, work, or out and about, people consume our news, sport and entertainment content around the clock. Our leading scale audience ensures our newsbrands have enduring influence. We combine engaging content with cutting-edge data – as our audience is at the heart of what we do. We are committed to building local communities through high-quality journalism and content.

With more than 48 million people in the UK choosing us for news, entertainment and sport every month, we believe that finding ways to connect with communities has never been more important and we are uniquely placed with our portfolio to tap into those communities and connect them to brands.

Collaborating to help brands and businesses leap ahead. What makes us unique is our range of cross-platform, content-led formats. Content that's seamless and has engagement as high as the editorial it sits around. We work collaboratively with the nation's leading agencies to achieve the best result for the client or campaign, providing a full scope of robust and innovative solutions to deliver exceptional results.